Architectural Lighting


Architectural Lighting

  • Celebrate
  • Envelop
  • Transform

The objective of architectural lighting is to balance the art and science of lighting to create mood, visual interest and enhance the experience of a space or place. Whilst still meeting any technical and safety requirements.

Bringing your building or landmark to life. From a simple colour wash to an intricate animation, these installations are a fantastic method for celebrating the beauty of architecture, increase footfall, raise your profile and generate press interest.

When well-executed, sometimes the simplest lighting solution can give the biggest impact. Modern LED technology allows you to choose from every colour imaginable.

Textured lighting can be moving or animated to add extra interest. The light can also be shaped to the unique attributes of the surface on which is projected. For example, the individual lighting of windows on a grand manor, or the highlighting of sculptures or turrets on a castle.

New technology allows us to layer texture onto just about any surface; including buildings, structures, paths or highways. This can be used stand-alone or combined with floodlighting or uplighting.

This texture takes the form of breakup patterns to highlight the beauty of the surface, a playful geometric pattern or even corporate logos, text or simple images.