Illuminated Walks



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  • Enthral
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The human eye is accustomed to seeing the form of trees and foliage by daylight lit only from the sun in the sky. By night, a plethora of lighting options take these natural shapes and textures to another level.

Powerful floodlighting combined with individual and selective illumination of trunks or branches create depth and variety to transform dark spaces into a tapestry of coloured hues. Treelines and landscape features are illuminated in an endless choice of colours, to compliment your brand or theme or simply to create an amazing feel for visitors.

Programmed lights change colour or move to alter the feeling of a space, chasing and pulsing, adding a playful dynamic.

State of the art control combined with artistic programming makes for a breathtaking spectacle. The addition of audio in the form of a soundscape or atmospheric composition further elevates this lighting style to a new, immersive, level. Referred to as a “Son et Lumiere”, the illumination of trees and landscape are timed to perfection to transform along with the chosen melody.

Projected images and videos are effectively deployed to add animated layers to displays.