Lighting Design


Lighting Design

  • Uplift
  • Engage
  • Transform

Lighting Design has the ultimate influence on the surrounding environment in which it is placed. Lighting Designers control how we perceive our surroundings. Be it on a festival stage, within a theatrical production or simply walking down the street. They create stories and inspire emotions.

Ineffective design can be highly detrimental to a space. Whereas well thought-out lighting design creates meaning, mood and atmosphere. Well executed lighting design should work seamlessly with each distinctive area; be it architecture, interior and landscape.

Our Lighting Designers take inspiration from the surroundings, creating a spectacle each and every time. Their role is to understand what clients and design teams are wanting to achieve and to introduce concepts and ideas to bring a vision to life. Creativity, technical expertise, innovation, teamwork and precise attention to detail are key.

Modern LED lighting provides an opportunity to transform areas into imaginative visual spectacles. Lighting control is also an important consideration in any scheme. Control systems are often a key factor to the design. Great lighting should be easy and intuitive to use as well as providing wider automation benefits. Our well designed lighting control systems will do this and a great deal more.