Projection Mapping


Projection Mapping

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Projection Mapping is an amazing tool for illuminating landmarks. Due to its nature, projected images can be almost anything imaginable; from static content or pictures to full animation or video.

In its simplest form, projection involves taking standard video or image content and beaming it onto the fa├žade of your chosen location. This technology is a step-up from conventional lighting without the full cost associated with content creation.

Projection Mapping takes this concept a stage further, with custom made content applied to the surface of the building, by creating a digital ‘map’ of the surface, and using this as the basis for the content movements.

Highlighting unique shapes and features of the building, animations could appear at windows, or whole surfaces can be transformed. Due to the nature of projection mapping, it requires considered planning and is as much about cleverly produced content, as it is the technology behind the physical projection.